WE MADE IT! 3600 HATS IN 2017!!!

THANKS to everyone who worked hard the last few weeks of 2017 and made so many hats!!! In the past month 161 were donated which brings our total to 3604! AND our GRAND TOTAL of everything we have given in the last ten years to 29,602!!

Two Grand Prizes at Big Stitch in January!

How can I win one of these you ask??? A special Big Door Prize ticket will be given to each person for every 10 items that you donate at The Big Stitch January 13. You will choose which Big Door Prize drawing you would like to enter, knitting or crochet. Sorry, dishcloths and granny squares nor premie/small red baby hats will not be included in this special drawing. We are looking for hats (we need everything except baby hats unless the are going with a blanket) baby blankets, lapghans, afghans, scarves, car seat covers (no preemie items needed at this time). We get such a HUGE request for hats in the winter that this is what we need the most. Neutral colors are best. Chemo hats too. Granny square sets will still be accepted as well as dishcloths, but they won’t be eligible for this special drawing. GET BUSY MY FRIENDS!!!

Dear Friends –
The January Big Stitch setup will be Friday, January 12 from 11 am – 3 pm.  Please let me know if you can come.  As usual, there is lots to do! kandctn@gmail.com
Check out this great tote bag donated by Red Heart Yarn!  The first 100 people to attend the January Big Stitch will be given one of these when they enter!  Thanks  Red Heart!!